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RS232 and RS485 Analyzer
Analyze Serial Communication

RS232/RS485 Protocol Analyzer (aka SPM) is one of the best system utility tools available on the market to sniff and analyze RS232/RS422/RS485 port activity.

This solution uses a simple and intuitive interface, monitors all serial port activity, displays, logs, and analyzes a system’s serial port. The collected data from this analyzer can be used to troubleshoot problems that may happen when developing, optimizing or testing serial devices.

This RS232 port monitor software is an all-in-one solution for conducting specialized data searches. The software also will filter and export data as needed. Your data can be viewed in line, dump, table or terminal mode.

Fully compatible with Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Why do you need RS485 analyzing software?

If you debug and develop firmware or provide people with COM port hardware and software solutions, RS485 monitoring software can help you monitor RS232/485 ports’ activity in real time. Therefore, the RS232/485 Analyzer will assist you to easily find viable solutions to problems that may arise during development process.

Also, the RS232 protocol analyzer enables you to monitor, record and analyze the interactions of multiple applications and devices at one time, which makes this software ideal for today’s technological demands.

The following are situations in which the use of serial port monitoring and testing are needed:

  • When you may have to log and analyze RS232 and RS485 sensors’ data (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc)
  • When sensitive data (from card readers, barcode scanners and other devices) needs to be monitored and recorded
  • When you need to monitor and record asynchronous serial transmission in order to improve condition and downtime
  • When you need to have data from your peripheral devices (printers, keyboards, mice, card readers, etc.) recorded and analyzed to determine the source of a problem.
  • When you need to provide a machine with data exchange protocols not having any documents stored

Who may be urged to test serial communication?

Programmers, hardware engineers, SCADA software engineers, industrial control specialists, IT support specialists, beta-testers, scientists, etc. see the RS485 analyzer software as an integral part of their daily operations. Even students, system integrators and consultants can reap the benefits of this software.

Common tasks and solutions we offer

The RS232 and RS485 communication software allows for task-oriented and random serial port testing. You get IRP and standard serial control request support, and you can filter IRPs and IOCTLs. Select any viewing type available: Table, terminal, dump or/and line.

Simultaneous testing of numerous serial ports

As stated earlier, RS485 analyzer allows you to test the interaction of multiple ports with various apps and devices within a single session simultaneously, and the data will be logged in a first-in-first-out manner.

Analyzing COM port activity

This product allows you to monitor all the system’s serial port activity. You can see the data being tested in real-time display.

Data Exchange Emulation

SPM is a RS232 and RS485 terminal software that allows you to emulate data exchange with a certain application by allowing data to be sent to the monitored port (in string, decimal, octal or hexadecimal format) for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing the device’s reaction to your commands. You are also able to do a real-time modification of the serial port settings (i.e., flow control, parity control, stopbits, data bits, etc.).

Analyzing ASCII Data and Modbus RTU

RS485 monitoring software lets you easily analyze data transmitted via Modbus RTU or ASCII protocols, and RS485/422/232 devices’ activity as well.
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    With the help of RS232 Port Monitor from Eltima I can easily watch and analyze the performance of several serial ports transferring data to a navigation program.
    Jon Kinne

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