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RS232 Analyzer
Monitor and analyze RS232 port activity

Eltima Software has developed this RS232 Protocol Analyzer to be an easy to use system utility that can monitor and analyze your system’s RS232/422/485 COM ports. This COM port analyzer act as the gatekeeper on your RS232 ports data flow during development of drivers or applications, during testing, debugging, and any other time you need to monitor your serial ports or devices.

Eltima’s goal when designing the Serial Protocol Analyzer was to resolve the common dilemma of monitoring, analyzing, displaying and logging of RS232 serial ports activity. This issue is faced by system integrators, site engineers, and developers as they grapple with complicated networks and the high-level communication protocols employed by device manufacturers.

Common problem

You want the ability to log and analyze serial port activity, focusing on specified data from a generic data flow.

How Serial Port Monitor solves it

You can analyze COM ports by connecting them to COM port analyzer. The software tool will monitor and display all data traveling through the port in real time. It can also save the data to a file or copy it to the clipboard.

With this RS232 Protocol Analyzer you can:

Monitor, capture and analyze RS232 port activities

Serial ports that are currently in use by another application can be connected to and monitored in real time using Serial Protocol Analyzer.

What this means is that all data flowing through the monitored port will be processed by the RS232 analyzer tool. This allows easier problem resolution as you can troubleshoot and correct issues in real time.

An additional feature is the ability to redirect the tool’s output to your specified file or allow it to be copied to the clipboard. The tool can intercept the full details of all serial input/output control codes (IOCTLs) parameters, and your sessions can be saved for the purpose of future analysis or comparison.

Monitor multiple serial ports in one session

A patented function of this serial port analyzer is the ability to monitor multiple RS232 ports in a session simultaneously. It collects communication data indicating how applications are interacting with various COM ports and then records them on a first-in-first-out basis. This simplifies the task of analyzing the data.

View recorded data in different ways

Data collected by this serial protocol analyzer can be viewed in up to 4 different ways at the same time. You can choose from among table, line, dump or terminal mode. Each displays the data captured by the RS232 analyzer in a different and unique way. You can also optionally filter the data to save yourself time by concentrating only on the important data.

Emulate data sending to serial device

The software tool’s terminal mode lets you send data in multiple formats(string, binary, decimal, octal, hexadecimal, mixed) to the monitored serial port, simulating a data transmission from the monitored application. This allows you to trace the behavior of the monitored device to certain sets of data and commands. Software engineers and developers using Serial Protocol Analyzer have a tool that makes it easy to analyze RS232 ports and devices.

Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols are fully supported

The RS232 Analyzer has new, efficient filters that allow Modbus data to be read and analyzed. With this Analyzer software package, you can connect to, and perform data analysis on RS485/RS422/RS232 devices.

Playback and session comparison

An important feature available in the RS232 port analyzer enables the resending of data that has been transferred from a COM port to the application. Reviewing multiple iterations of the same data transfer can lead to more accurate monitoring. The tool facilitates session comparison by automatically displaying differences.
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  • With the help of Serial Port Monitor from Eltima I can easily watch and analyze the performance of several serial ports transferring data to a navigation program.
    Jon Kinne

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