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Serial Port Sniffer
Efficient COM port monitoring tool for Windows

Designed to be easy to use and yet powerful enough to let you monitor an unlimited number of real and virtual COM interfaces at a time, RS232 sniffer software provides a bunch of advanced features such as built-in terminal, four different data viewing modes, the ability to parse Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII data packets, and more.

This powerful Serial Sniffer is ideal for those who need to:

  • Capture serial data transmitted via computer’s RS232, RS422, RS485 interfaces;

  • Copy logged data to the clipboard or forward it to a file;

  • Sniff serial port even if it’s already in use;

  • Compare monitoring sessions and analyze the differences;

  • Filter IOCTL and IRP requests and create filter presets, etc.

Why do you benefit from using Serial Port Sniffer software?

When developing, testing or debugging serial port applications and hardware, you work on the creation of a reliable data transfer mechanism. That’s where Serial Port Monitor comes into play.

The software allows tracking communications of any serial program with a COM-enabled device so you can check whether everything works correctly.

With COM port sniffer for Windows, programmers and beta-testers can monitor the data exchange between any Windows application and a COM-enabled device connected to their computer’s serial port.

Quality-control engineers can use this dedicated utility to test a wide range of specialized serial devices, including industrial controllers, lab instruments, POS equipment, etc

RS485 sniffer utility has powerful functionality and offers:

  1. The ability to log both incoming and outgoing serial data streams;

  2. Support for hardware control lines and visualizations of control lines status;

  3. User-friendly and intuitive interface;

  4. The ability to monitor serial interfaces and display captured data in real time;

  5. The option to export raw data to a file, and more.

Serial Port Sniffer: Professional edition

The PRO version of RS485 packet sniffer provides a host of advanced features that allow users to not just monitor real and virtual serial interfaces but open and close them, change port parameters on-the-fly, send special data to a port in different numeral systems, and many more.

The major advantages of Serial Port Monitor PRO include:

  • The availability of a built-in Send Dialog. The software can be used as an alternative to a standard terminal app;

  • The possibility to modify serial port settings: stop bits, flow control, parity control, data bits;

  • The ability to emulate sending data to a selected COM port as though it were sent from a particular app, etc.
  • System Requirements:

    The software is fully compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)/ Windows Server 2012/2016

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      With the help of Serial Port Monitor from Eltima I can easily watch and analyze the performance of several serial ports transferring data to a navigation program.
      Jon Kinne

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    Serial Port Monitor
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