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Shared Serial Ports

Serial ports can be used in various ways, e.g. for exchanging data with modems, scanners and other peripherals, monitoring devices, testing software programs, etc. There might be times when the number of physical serial devices is just not adequate to satisfy our needs. What do you do then, how does one share serial port?

Use special software – Eltima’s Serial Splitter. It helps you share COM port between several applications and vice versa – join data received from multiple COM ports into a single flow to feed it into a single application. Access and use of a shared serial port can be regulated – set the rights to read, write and change states of control lines. If required, you can combine real and virtual COM ports into bundles.

Note: Virtual Serial to Ethernet Connector makes it easy to share COM port over the network. Virtual serial ports created with the software’s help share serial data at a high speed and are absolutely reliable.

Common problem

You are seeking for a solution that allows you to connect several navigation programs to one GPS device.

How our Shared Serial Ports solution solves it

With our RS232 port share solution you can share real COM port with the GPS device attached and let other applications connect to virtual copies of shared serial port. The main benefit is that each application will work with the port as if exclusively. All virtual ports are able to exchange data with each other.

With Serial Ports Sharing solution you can

Create unlimited number of serial ports

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO, which is also called Serial Port Share software, gives you the ability to create and share Com ports. Any number of ports can be created to satisfy your requirements. Your applications functionality is not impacted by using virtual ports as they fly emulate a physical port. You can name the virtual ports in any manner you desire to simplify your environment.

Create bundles of serial ports

Serial Share utility lets you share serial ports by creating bundles with multiple interfaces on both sides of the bundle. Mixing physical and virtual serial ports is fully supported by this software tool.

Ports switcher

You can create a switcher by combining several physical serial ports into a single virtual interface. The switcher enables RS232 port sharing by devices attached to the serial interfaces. This is accomplished by specifying a virtual port in your application and then creating a switcher for that port in COM Port Share software . Now your application can function with any port that is free on your system. Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO assigns the free port and your app see it as if it were always the same port.

Merge COM ports

Share serial ports among multiple applications by merging any number of virtual and physical interfaces. The simultaneous sharing of data is achieved by the bundling feature of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO. This feature enables numerous serial interfaces to be combined into a single bundle where they will access received data at the same time.

Split COM port

The software application lets you split your serial port into multiple virtual ports that emulate the original interface. You can number the virtual ports at the out end of the bundle from 1 to 255.
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