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Share USB over IP Network

USB Network Gate is an essential USB over network solution that ensures fast and easy access to printers, webcams, scanners, external drives, and other USB devices over network no matter how far you are from these devices. Share USB device on computer (server side) and let remote computers (clients) access device and work with it as if it were connected to them directly. It's up to you to choose which OS will be a client or a server: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. USB Network Gate allows you to secure your USB data by its own means of traffic encryption.
for Linux, Mac and Android

Common problem

It often happens that there is just one USB device in the office that everyone needs to use. Running around with the device and plugging it into each machine all the time is rather inconvenient. The perfect solution would be to organize USB device sharing so that every worker can access it and use from their work place.

How USB Network Gate solves it

Simply install USB Network Gate on the computer with USB device attached and on the remote computer you will access and use device on. Share the device over network with our USB over IP solution and connect to this device from any remote location. On the server computer (the one with device attached) you can always see who is currently using the shared device.

With our USB over IP solution you can

Share USB over Network (Internet/WAN/VLAN/VPN)

USB over Ethernet sharing is a piece of cake with USB Network Gate! You can print, scan, fax, or anything else even if needed devices are connected to a computer across the world.

Use USB devices in virtual session

If you need to access and use USB device in virtual session, USB Network Gate is the solution. This Wireless USB application works with all kinds of virtual machines, including VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, VirtualBox, QEMU/KVM, etc. Even if a program on virtual machine needs a USB dongle you will easily use this program with USB Network Gate.

Use USB devices on blade servers

Blade servers have lots of advantages, but having USB ports ain't one of them. USB Network Gate allows using USB devices on blade servers as if the devices were connected to them directly by offering the connection of USB devices over RDP. Since version 7.0 USB Network Gate also supports ICA protocol by Citrix.
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    Sharing USB over Ethernet was something I really needed for a project. When I found USB to Ethernet Connector I couldn't be happier. Such an awesome software!
    Eric Tichenor, Lead Software Engineer

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Also Available: USB Network Gate is a cross-platform solution compatible with Mac, Linux and Android OSes:

UNG for Mac

UNG for Linux

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