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Virtual Serial Port Emulator

Virtual Serial Port Emulator allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual COM ports. The software emulates serial port functionality connected by virtual null modem cable in such a way that the system does not see the difference between virtual and real hardware ports. Excellent null modem emulation provides you with the ability to test and debug applications, supports different control lines and enables data transfer at high speed. The ports are connected in pairs via virtual null modem cable: the data written to the application at one end instantaneously read by the application at the other end and vice versa. An application working with the emulated serial port will never notice the difference.

When you need Virtual COM Port Emulator software?

It is a powerful tool to emulate COM ports, which you need once you run out of physical serial ports. Considering that modern computers have at most one or two serial ports, knowing how to emulate virtual COM port with the help of the software is essential. Virtual serial ports are usually used for testing/ debugging application by enabling them to communicate to each other.

How Virtual COM Port Emulator solves it

To exchange data via virtual null-modem connection applications do not need hardware, or rather additional hardware. Emulate virtual ports, assign them any name, including a name of the existing real port, and pair them via virtual null-modem. An application at one end of this virtual bridge reads everything written to the application at the other end within seconds.

Advantages of Virtual Serial Port Emulator

Your programs need testing/debugging

In order to test any application or emulator create two virtual serial ports COM3 and COM4 with Virtual COM Port Driver and connect them in a pair via virtual null modem cable. All data sent by the first application to virtual serial port COM3 will be received on virtual serial port COM4, and all data sent to virtual serial port COM4 will be received on virtual serial port COM3.

You need more serial ports in your system

With Virtual COM Port Emulation you will be able to create as many virtual serial ports in your system as your needs require. The connection between pairs of virtual ports is highly dependable so you can be sure there won’t be any data loss or connection will not break all of a sudden. You can give any name to the port you create you leave the same name real serial port has. In this case virtual serial port overlapping happens – when an application reaches to the real COM port through the serial one or vice versa.

You need to manage different signal lines

Virtual serial ports created with Virtual COM Port Emulator fully emulate and support all usual hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, etc.) As in real null modem connection, DTR of the local port is connected to DSR and DCD of the remote port, and RTS of the local port is connected to CTS of the remote port. Actually, you can leave default pinout schemes or set custom pinout ones to fit your personal needs and refine your applications.

Features of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO is a comprehensive and effective software tool that extends the features and functionality of Serial Port Emulator. This software allows the emulation of virtual COM port bundles with customizable parameters, offering a versatile solution that can be used in many diverse scenarios. Management of both physical and virtual serial ports can be accomplished with the user-friendly interface of Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO.

Splitting and Joining COM ports

Splitting and Joining COM ports

Physical COM ports (COM1) can be split into multiple serial ports (COM2, COM3, COM4) by using Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO. When you create these virtual COM port pairs, they appear to your system as copies of the original physical port. Another feature of the serial emulation is the ability of multiple applications to share physical serial interfaces. This software tool lets you link a number of physical serial interfaces to one emulated COM port. Serial applications that connect to the virtual port can now receive data simultaneously from all of the connected real serial ports.
Creating bundle connections

Creating bundle connections

Creating and managing complex bundles of COM ports is a feature that is unique to Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO. The implications of this functionality is your ability to transmit serial data to an unlimited number of virtual or real serial ports. COM ports receiving data on the ‘IN’ can redirect to all of the bundle’s ‘OUT’ side serial ports and this process can work in both directions.

Management of hardware control lines is improved by creation of a Main port for both the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ side of a bundle.
Switching ports automatically

Switching ports automatically

A notable feature of Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO enables expanded functionality for applications that can only use a limited number of serial ports. This option uses a switcher to enable your application to employ a single virtual port to be connected to several physical ports. You can also assign the same name to all of your ports.

Now when your application requires a COM port connection, the switcher identifies an open serial port from the list of connected ports and offers it to the program. This allows your application to seamlessly interact with whichever ports are free while appearing to be connected to the same port.
Merging COM ports

Merging COM ports

One of this software’s advanced features enables the addition of unlimited numbers of virtual serial ports to a single COM port bundle that has not been divided into ‘IN’ and OUT’ sides. Replication from the single port to all connected physical and virtual ports of the bundle allows any application or device to simultaneously exchange data with multiple other applications or devices.
Using loopback bundles for testing

Using loopback bundles for testing

With this handy Virtual Serial Port Emulator feature, you’ll be able to add multiple serial ports to a bundle with the conjoint ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides. As a result, the data sent to this type of bundle will be instantly received at the output. This feature will be specifically efficient for trying out the throughput functionality of a COM port, and other data operation related tests.
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