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Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile

Serial Port Mobile application lets you emulate serial ports on your PocketPC or smartphone. This COM port mobile app can create up to 20 virtual serial ports connected in pairs with a virtual null modem cable. Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile supports all Window Mobile platforms: for pocket computers, smartphones, and for embedded devices.

Common problem

For example you need to make two GPS applications interact on your PDA.

How Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile solves it

With this serial port mobile software you can emulate COM port on mobile, i.e. create virtual pair of COM ports and assign them to two interacting applications. Now all data sent by one application to assigned port will be received on the other side of the pair and by another application in result. And vice versa.
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Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

With Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile you can

Create up to 20 virtual COM ports

Virtual serial ports that you create with Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile behave as if they were real ones. Get up to ten pairs of virtual ports connected with virtual null modem cable for easy data exchange. You can assign any desired names for created ports and even change their COM name to VSP.

More ports available

There are a limited number of serial ports available on Windows Mobile platform (COM0-COM9). But what if you need more? Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile lets you disable real serial ports and create additional virtual ports on your device.

Test serial port software

Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile allows testing software programs that work with serial ports. Testing your own program with VSPD Mobile is easy: simply create a pair of virtual COM ports, then open one of them with the terminal and another one with your program; this way two programs will be able to exchange data as if they were connected with a null modem cable.
Let's get started

Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile

• You won't be able to send more than 100Kb of data in one session
Windows CE 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x, Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/2005/2006, Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/2005/2006
Version 4.2 (4 Jul, 2007) Release notes
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