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At Electronic Team, Inc., we specialize in developing cutting-edge solutions that enable users to access USB and serial devices remotely. Our proprietary USB and COM port virtualization technology provides the ability to remotely connect to peripheral devices over the Internet or a LAN. Any number of networked computers can share the equipment, increasing its value and boosting productivity.
USB over Ethernet Sharing Software

The Team

Experienced and technically proficient developers form the core of our team. Their focus is on creating and optimizing professional-grade software solutions that meet the most demanding customer requirements. Our software products have assisted over 1,000 startups to get going in a wide range of fields. Over a million happy and satisfied users demonstrate our focus on quality and performance.


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Our main objective

Electronic Team is committed to producing user-friendly and optimized software applications that are feature-rich, cross-platform, and furnish streamlined connectivity with no distance limitations. We also provide customized full-cycle research and development and project integration to incorporate our technology into your products. We insist on strict quality control, offer white labeling for corporate branding, and supply technical assistance to our customers if needed. Our strengths include:
 End-to-end development

End-to-end development

We are involved in the full software development cycle from obtaining detailed customer requirements and performing in-depth research through stellar after-sales support.
 Complete data protection

Complete data protection

The use of advanced encryption techniques guarantees the safety and security of your valuable data.
 Dedicated product support

Dedicated product support

Our highly-professional support team will quickly and effectively address and resolve any problems that arise when using our software.
 Full integration

Full integration

Our connectivity and virtualization technology can be embedded in your software and hardware products across all major operating systems to let you concentrate on your app’s core functionality.

A tailor-made solution for your company

Please contact us if we can help you with white labeling or software integration. In addition, give us a call if you have questions about after-sales support or for any other reason that you think we can be of assistance.
1800 Diagonal Road, Ste 600 Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

+1 202 335 8465