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Serial Port Tester
COM Port Testing Software

Serial Port Tester is efficient and powerful system utility that can be used to test RS232/RS422/RS485 port. COM Port Monitor does the job of displaying, logging and analyzing all activity of serial port in a system. This presents a perfect way to spot problems that may arise during the development of applications or the optimization and testing of serial devices, etc.

This product also boasts of specialized search and filtering, data exporting options, as well as an easy-to-use interface. This software is complete on its own and does not require any extra hardware to work effectively.

Common scenarios when it's required to test serial port and monitor serial communication:

  • Monitor and logs asynchronous serial transmission can help in the improvement of downtime and condition

  • There may be the need to analyze and record data from peripherals such as card reader, printers, keyboards, mice and terminals to determine the reason for a problem

  • There may be a need to provide find data exchange protocols for one machine without a document left

  • There may be a need to monitor and backup sensitive data from devices like card readers, barcode scanners, and point-of-sale

  • There may be a need to monitor and log data from sensors: voltage, pressure, temperature, etc.

Why do you need Serial Port Tester software?

Serial Port Tester makes it possible to track the activity of RS232/422/485 ports in real time. It's ideal for those debug and develop firmware, as well as those who proffer hardware and software serial port solutions. It provides them with comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for identifying, analyzing and resolving issues related to development.

Also, a Serial Port Tester makes it possible for users to test and evaluate the interaction of some devices and apps within a single session. It goes further to record this info, further helping to simplify the process of troubleshooting increasing its value for today's business.

Who needs to test serial communication?

Serial Ports Tester product line is useful for lots of professionals who depend on it as an important tool in their IT work. Some of these professionals include software developers, programmers, industrial control personnel, hardware engineers, beta-testers, IT support specialists, SCADA software engineers, science technicians. Other people that may find this software beneficial are system integrators, lab experts, consultants, students, and so on.

General tasks and our solutions

With Serial Port Tester you can set up testing filters at will and according to your task. There is support for all standard serial control request as well as other main functions which include IRP. Filtering IRPs and IOCTLs in serial port tester is possible. You can have access to several view types: Terminal, table, dump or line.

Test multiple COM ports

Serial Port Tester makes it possible for you to test more than one port at the same time, i.e., the way they interact with some devices and apps within a single session. To make the analyzer easier, the info is represented in a single log using the first-in-first-out approach.

Analyze serial port activity

COM Port Tester can track, log and display all the activity of serial port in the system. You get to see all the data that is being tested, as everything is displayed to you.

Emulate data exchange

Serial Port Tester makes it possible to send various data (hexadecimal, string, decimal, and octal) to a monitored port as if from a particular application. You can see and analyze the reaction of the device to the commands you send. COM port settings can be modified in real time: data bits, stopbits, parity control, flow control, etc.

Analyze Modbus RTU and ASCII data

Serial Port Tester allows you to view and analyze data sent via Modbus ASCII and RTU protocols. This application allows you to test easily and analyze the activity of RS485/422/232 devices.
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    With the help of Serial Port Monitor from Electronic Team I can easily watch and analyze the performance of several serial ports transferring data to a navigation program.
    Jon Kinne

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Serial Port Monitor
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