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    • (4.9),
    I was writing software for a “Fiscal Device”(printer), and it is very important that we are able to test the software over and over to ensure there are no errors and that the fiscal device is working properly. I wanted to find a way to form a connection between software and an emulator.

    I searched around until I found Virtual Serial Port Driver, after seeing that this software was widely liked by other professionals in my network, and so I downloaded the Lite version.

    I genuinely think this is the best tool I’ve used for my purposes (and more) and I now recommend it to all of my colleagues and tech buddies. The amount of flexibility in the Lite version of this software just can’t be matched by any of the other products I’ve tried.

    It did exactly what I needed. It did it quickly, and I enjoyed not having to waste time troubleshooting unforeseen issues. I even created a booklet to help other programmers implement Virtual Serial Port Driver into their workflow.

    I hope this review helped anyone that was on the fence. I just wanted to share my thoughts, as connecting applications and emulators with VSPD is really easy.
    • (4.8),
    My company provides an open source “glue” system that allows home systems to communicate info and function intelligently together. This can range from lighting, security systems, etc.

    Our developers often create new applications that we end up wanting to evolve and upgrade support for similar devices. We needed to be able to monitor multiple serial ports so our software could simulate the devices we wanted to control.

    I ended up searching for a solution to this problem for quite awhile, and eventually I came across Virtual Serial Port Driver by Electronic Team when I needed a couple of serial ports for my own PC (which didn’t have ANY serial port at all).

    Electronic Team’s software has allowed me to develop software on a LAPTOP, regardless of serial ports- as well as develop software from only a single PC that once required two serial ports.

    It’s great to easily and quickly be able to monitor and record app error conditions from faulty cables. VSPD is very easy to use and set-up. It’s reasonably priced, and it’s very reliable. I enjoy incorporating it into many of my projects. I recommend it to other businesses in the Home Automation industry!
    • (5),
    We’re a start-up IT company in the artificial intelligence and robotics industry. We had a project that involved building an AI-powered video monitoring system that did not require a person to operate it. We wanted to find a way to record any issue with our RS232 ports so that we could more effectively debug the system.

    When we found Virtual Serial Port Driver from Electronic Team, it seemed like exactly what we were looking for, so we gave it a shot. Glad to say it was everything it promised and more.

    It’s fantastic because it features a null-modem cable (a technology that is considered primitive and hard to find), and Electronic Team’s software has availed us the option to emulate baud rate and support HandFlow control exceptionally well.

    We plan on using Virtual Serial Port Driver whenever we lack real hardware to accomplish our project goals. This software has saved us a lot of money, and helped us avoid wasting a lot of time. If we hadn’t found it, we would’ve been running around every tech store we could find looking for a null-modem cable.

    • (4.8),
    I run and operate a weather station from home, and I recently installed a monitoring instrument to help track earthquakes. I ran into issues when I realized that I would need to have more than one application running off of the same serial port simultaneously.

    While I had originally been searching for a cable splitter, the Serial Port Splitter from Electronic Team was the first result that came up in my search that caught my attention. After reading several other reviews and trying out the product, here’s my own feedback on my experience using the Serial Port Splitter.

    Serial Port Splitter was really easy to set up, and I had my ideal multi-serial port set-up ready to go pretty quickly. Now, I’m able to run both of the software applications that are integral to the functioning of my earthquake tracking program- and all of the data is transferring accurately and efficiently.

    I’m so glad I went with my instinct and decided to try Serial Port Splitter. I think this program is terrific and has a ton of options that make it’s pricing seem really reasonable in comparison to some of the competitor programs that didn’t seem to be nearly as detailed in explaining the inner-workings of their software the same way Electronic Team did.
    • (4.8),
    We’re a company that helps manufacturers compete and thrive in the highly automated manufacturing industry. We were looking for a way to seamlessly communicate serial-based 3rd-party systems without impacting preexisting system communications.

    Once we did a little research on Electronic Team’s Serial Port Splitter, we decided to try it out without bothering with any competitor software, as the SPS seemed to do precisely what we needed.

    Our experience has been remarkably positive. This one simple software addition has simplified our workday- and it was only after doing online researching that we realized such a tool even existed in the first place!

    We like Serial Port Splitter so much that we’re excited to find other areas of our work-flow that Electronic Team products and software can help us improve. It functions well, it’s very reliable and we loved the ability to work directly with Electronic Team and forge a business relationship that we could depend on for many years to come.

    Their knowledgeable representatives answered every question or concern we had, and our increased productivity has made a wonderful impact on our business.

    Thanks Electronic Team!
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