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Virtual Serial Port Driver
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    I found Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0 one of the easiest and most stable virtual serial port software on market. It allows me to develop and test my code before spending hours on a real device testing...
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    ...An excellent choice for creating virtual ports is Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPD) from Eltima Software. This communication software facilitates the creation of an unlimited number of virtual serial ports. The virtual ports can be connected via a virtual null-modem cable. Every virtual interface that you create totally emulates the functionality of a physical port. VSPD makes it easy to create and manage your virtual ports and extend the utility of your serial devices. Using the software allows any machine to access network-connected serial devices despite the lack of physical interfaces. Now you can take full advantage of serial devices even if you are located on the other side of the world from them...
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    The software (Virtual Serial Port Driver) combines powerful functionality with simple and clean interface. The app provides full support for different versions of Windows operating system. Plus, the software edition for Windows 10 is digitally signed with WHQL, which makes the performance of the program even more stable. All these and many other factors make Virtual Serial Port Driver one of the most efficient solutions for serial port emulation...
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    VSPD by Eltima software is a tool I recently got introduced too by a friend. It comes really handy when working on device drivers and other com port-related developments. The virtual serial com port gives you the ability to test COM ports behavior without the target device. You could create an unlimited number of ports which is capable of emulating all the settings of real com ports. The software also comes with features like Serial port splitting, COM ports merger, use bundle com port connections amongst other cool features...

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Virtual Serial Port Driver
Create virtual COM port pairs in Windows
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