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GPS Splitter
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GPS Splitter is a multifunctional software that can split COM port among different applications, which allows them to get the same data at the same time. Each of these app will have an access to a separate virtual port, while they will work with the same real port at a time. Such options as joining several ports into one, redirecting data from one port to another and creating complex bundles are available with GPS Splitter.

Common problem

Let us say that your GPS receiver is connected to COM port and sends the data to your computer. The application receives the data from COM port and displays it in a particular app. But what if you need to send GPS data to several applications at the same time?

How GPS Splitter solved this issue

With this software you can split one real COM port in multiple virtual COM ports that are used by different applications, thus those apps receive the same data at once.

With GPS Splitter you can

Split one physical port into several virtual

You can split one hardware port into two or more virtual serial ports, so data sent to the real port can be received by each of the virtual ports. When might this be required? A typical scenario would be having a single GPS connection that needs to be used by a number of different applications. A GPS signal splitter enables simultaneous access of several applications to the signal eliminating the need to close one application before allowing another to reach the signal.

Merge multiple serial interfaces

Working with multiple serial apps becomes easier, as the new efficient feature of GPS Splitter allows creating COM port bundles with an unlimited number of physical and virtual serial interfaces. Now all data received by every COM port added to the bundle can be replicated to multiple serial interfaces (and apps working with them) at a time.

Gain control over your system’s ports

GPS splitter software allows you to manage all of your system’s ports – create, delete and disable them when required. Say, two applications need to interact with a connected GPS device, one of your two ports is free and the other one is infrared. What you can do here is to disable the latter and split the former into two virtual ports so each of your apps would have its own virtual port.

Redirect data from one port to another

GPS port splitter allows two devices to exchange data with each other, see ‘Redirect’ tab. The splitter is capable of handling special configuration for COM2 ports required by GPS applications. A number of flexible settings allow you to make most of the software functionality.

Bundle your ports

GPS serial data splitter helps you manage data by creating bundles of virtual ports. Data sent from a virtual port to such a bundle can be split into multiple flows and then directed to other virtual ports. The other way around is possible too – data from multiple flows can be joined into one.
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    I am using GPS Splitter in the field of navigation and aeronautic positional awareness.
    James Gilham

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