Virtual COM Port Driver

Create virtual serial ports and connect them via virtual null modem cable

Virtual Serial Port Driver main features

Unlimited virtual ports

Create an unlimited quantity of virtual serial ports with Virtual Serial Port Driver. You can assign any name to the created port, including the name of existent serial port.

Ports virtually connected

Virtual COM Port Driver connects created virtual ports in pairs with virtual null modem cable, ensuring even faster communication than real ports connected via real null modem cable.

Full emulation of real ports

Virtual ports behave exactly the same as the real COM ports. Virtual ports support all signal lines and allow any type of connection.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO features

The program makes it possible to create bundles of virtual serial ports and put in place custom parameters, making it a solution that can be used in various scenarios.

Splitting and Joining COM ports

This software lets you split a single physical serial port into multiple virtual serial ports that fully emulate the original port. You can join multiple physical ports to one virtual port for enhanced data transfer.

Creating bundle connections

Complex serial port bundles can be created and managed allowing you to transmit serial data in and out of any number of physical or virtual serial ports. Creating main ports augments hardware control line management.

Switching ports automatically

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO enables the connection of multiple physical ports to one virtual port. A switcher function ensures your application is provided with a free serial port while seemingly connected to a single port.

Merging COM ports

Multiple applications and devices can exchange data simultaneously by merging virtual serial ports and replicating transmissions. Unlimited virtual COM ports can be added to serial port bundles not divided into ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides.