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Use Serial Port Reader for your COM port data

Monitoring and analyzing your system’s serial data transmissions requires a sophisticated software tool. COM Port Reader allows you to read data from serial ports that are using the RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 protocols. Employing this software application lets you monitor and log serial activity and identify problems encountered during development and testing of serial applications or devices, streamlining your debugging efforts.

Building on its original purpose of simplifying the monitoring of COM port data, Serial Port Reader contains advanced search and data filtering capabilities. This COM port reader features a user-friendly and intuitive interface and does not require any additional hardware to monitor your system. Serial Port Reader provides the user with a built-in terminal and the ability to export data in a number of different formats.

Standard and PRO versions of the application are available to let you read serial ports on the Windows operating system.

A common problem

Monitoring and analyzing a system’s serial port activity is critical if you are working with serial devices. You want to be able to read RS-232 data flow regardless of which direction it is moving. Status messages and application event notifications can be crucial when you need to troubleshoot your equipment. Installing new devices is simplified when you can immediately monitor data traffic to the installed equipment.

COM Port Reader solves the problem

Serial Port Reader gives you the ability to send data streams or commands in a number of formats (string, decimal, hexadecimal, binary, octal, and mixed). These commands or information can be sent to any serial devices or application. Responses can be analyzed and are saved in a single first-in-first-out log file. Serial port output can be redirected by this software tool to either a file or the clipboard, making it easy to access for analysis at a later time. Learn more in our advanced tutorial.

Features of Serial Port Reader

Display monitored data in different formats

Serial Port Reader offers the user flexibility when displaying data captured from your serial port communication. You can select from four different viewing modes that display your data in different ways. Choose from dump, table, line, or terminal modes to view your data in the way that best serves your current needs. Modes can be displayed singly or you can simultaneously view data in all of the modes.

Working with multiple ports in one session

Monitoring multiple serial interfaces simultaneously is another important feature of COM Port Reader. While collecting data from more than one port the data is saved in a single, first-in-first-out log file. You can read RS-485 data from a number of ports that are interacting with one serial application using this feature, making it easier to compare differences and track down issues.

Reading COM port activity

This RS-232 reader software lets you monitor the activity of a serial interface even if another program is already using the port. Real-time monitoring lets you respond quickly when troubleshooting serial communication problems. All of the data captured by the application is available for display in multiple formats.

When using this software on Windows to read COM port activity you can save the collected data as a file or to your clipboard. Saved sessions can be reloaded for analysis at a future point in time. Input/output control codes (IOCTLs) are displayed and filed with all of their parameters.

Emulating serial communication

While in Terminal mode the software allows you to simulate a data transmission from a serial application and read the COM port response to the received data. This allows you to test a device’s reaction to various sets of data and is extremely useful when debugging serial devices and applications. Data can be sent in binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, string, or mixed formats.

This RS-232 reader software includes a session playback feature. This is an excellent way to precisely monitor a serial port’s behavior when receiving the same data multiple times. Differences in the port’s response can be automatically highlighted for easier analysis.

Capturing Modbus data

If you need to know how to read serial port data in a Modbus network, Serial Port Reader is your answer. It is fully compatible with Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII due to its powerful filtering capacity. In addition, any devices that are using the RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422 protocols for communication can also easily be monitored and analyzed with this flexible software tool.
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