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Create pairs of virtual ports

Olga Weis Olga Weis

A common problem that may appear when you need to access a COM port device from your legacy software is that you find out that there’s not a free serial port for connecting the device to your PC.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO offers the advanced option of creating an unlimited number of virtual port pairs. By using the paired virtual ports, you can link your serial app to the COM-based device and exchange serial data between them in such a way that everything you write to one port will immediately appear on the other end and backwards.

The following two steps will help you achieve this easily:
In the "Pair" tab, select "Add a new pair". Choose the ports names from the dropdown list or specify custom names for your ports.
 In the Pair tab, select Add a new pair
Once done, click "Create" and virtual serial interfaces will appear in the Device Manager of your computer.

The software lets you create as many virtual pairs as you need. And now that you have multiple virtual COM ports in your system, you can emulate sending serial data from the hardware port to your application and vice versa.

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