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Virtual Serial Port Driver is an efficient tool for hardware optimization

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Vestel White Appliances, the largest exporting company in Turkey, has successfully reduced hardware expenses and increased the overall efficiency of its refrigerator plant's product line. They achieved this by introducing virtual serial ports created using Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro. It is worth mentioning that Vestel has six production plants for different appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, dryers, and air conditioners. They sell over 80% of their products worldwide.

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The problem

On Vestel’s production line, they use multiple barcode scanners to collect production information such as serial numbers. These barcode readers send the data through the RS-232 serial port to our SAP application (ERP software). However, we also need to use the same data for other applications, such as quality check software, which creates a conflict because we need another serial port (COM). Using an extra barcode reader is an option, but it would increase expenses and complexity. Therefore, we have decided to create virtual serial ports so that we can use the same data for all applications by dedicated serial ports.

The solution:

Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro is a valuable tool that allows for the bundling of COM ports, enabling the use of a single barcode scanner across multiple applications. This has the additional benefit of reducing hardware expenses while facilitating the implementation of solutions with greater ease. Users report high levels of satisfaction with the user-friendly and easily applicable nature of this software. (Özgür Ersöz)

Overall, Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro represents an effective solution for businesses seeking to optimize their hardware expenses while streamlining their operations through the use of a single barcode scanner across multiple applications.

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