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Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is your Serial Port Splitter solution

Virtual Serial Port Drive PRO helps you split your real COM port into several virtual ports and establish a communication where the data coming into the physical port will be sent to each of the virtual serial interfaces and programs connected to them. For example, if you need to send data from a GPS tracker or COM port weights into two or more apps, you can easily make it in the app’s interface.

Here’s when Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO comes to the rescue

Virtual Serial Port Driver has the functionality of a serial port splitter software and lets a user create, join, edit, and delete an unlimited number of advanced serial port bundles with a couple of clicks. See the main use cases when this COM port-splitting software will come in handy:

Splitting and Joining COM ports

You need to split the serial port to make it accessible to many apps at a time

If you want several applications to receive data from one hardware serial port simultaneously, you can split this port into several virtual interfaces using the dedicated software tool. By connecting to a virtual copy of the hardware port, each of the utilities will be able to access the same hardware port and a device inserted into it.
Switching ports automatically

Your computer lacks physical serial ports

If there are not enough hardware COM ports in your PC, Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO will emulate physical port parameters and configuration and create virtual serial interfaces that will work with your serial programs and devices like physical communications ports.
Merging COM ports

You need to join any number of physical communications ports

When you combine several physical COM ports into a virtual one, it enables simultaneous communication between several serial devices and a single application. The software gives the way to redirect data from every joined physical port to a virtual serial interface.
Using loopback bundles for testing

You are looking for a way to split GPS data among multiple programs

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO lets you reroute or simply split serial data flows within complex bundles of serial interfaces. You add the desired number of COM ports to the IN and OUT sides of your bundle, and multiple communications programs can transmit the received GPS signals to other serial apps.
Using loopback bundles for testing

You want to access a free COM port automatically

VSPD PRO offers the port switcher option which makes it possible to automatically provide your application with access to a COM port that is currently unoccupied. To do this, you simply link several hardware ports to a virtual one and make sure your program is connected to this interface.
Using loopback bundles for testing

It's required to enable many-to-many port connection

Merging an unlimited number of ports within one bundle is the most desired feature delivered by Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO. There are no IN and OUT sides, all ports (and, thus, programs and devices) can talk to all ports at the same time.
Creating bundle connections

You need a new improved way to test your COM-port

From now on, you’ll have a loopback feature that helps you to create full-fledged virtual COM-port bundles with linked signal lines and each receiver channel directly connected to a transmitting channel. This makes testing your serial port’s data function easier than ever. Just send out data with different parameters and see what you’ll get at the output.

How to Split a Physical COM Port

So, here is a tutorial on how to split your COM port with Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO. You'll need to follow a couple of simple steps:

Install Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO and start it on your computer.
Once you launch it, open the "Split" tab.
Select "Split real port" and choose a real port that will be split.
 Split real port
Then select virtual ports that will connect to the split real port within a single bundle. Click "Plus" every time you need to add a new virtual COM port to your bundle.
Also, you should select a virtual port set as the main one and click "Set main".
Finally, click "Create" and your bundle of one real and several virtual ports will automatically appear in the Bundle tree.
Corporate offers and SDK

Corporate, SDK & Source code

Whether you're looking at redistributing our Serial port splitting technology as a part of your product or considering Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.
Learn more about corporate solutions
What customers say
    Serial Port Splitter (Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO) helps Ham Radio members who have multiple transceivers, satellite antenna controllers, regular antenna rotators and run data modes and packages like Ham radio deluxe, TRX Manager, WX to IMG etc. For myself, I have been playing around trying to configure a couple of apps that run my YAESU FT-847 and West Mountain RIGblaster plus.
    Simon Davison, Engineering Lecturer, Ham Radio
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