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Virtual Serial Port Driver as a part of software integration services!

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Today, we are sharing a case study of Berislav Tomasic, who is a representative of IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije Company. He describes how Virtual COM Port Driver by Electronic Team helps his business. IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije is a system integrator located in SEE Europe. They specialize in providing Enterprise Content Management solutions (ECM) to their clients.

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Their goal is to transform business processes into digital ones and provide efficient and cost-saving solutions. The company specializes in digital transformation solutions for data capture and storage operations. The Virtual Serial Port Driver fits perfectly in the area of data capture through virtual serial ports. This allows the implementation of multiple scenarios and the integration of various devices like COM printers. Customers receive additional features related to virtual serial ports.

Virtual Serial Port Driver can be perfectly applied in the banking sector, specifically capturing output from the legacy CORE applications. With Virtual Serial Port Driver clients were able to capture data sent for physical printing on COM ports, process it in our application, and send it to a digital signature screen without the physical output or changes. IT Sistemi managed to avoid any changes in the CORE application. In this way, the documents can be signed electronically and printed physically only at the clients’ request, enabling significant cost savings and process optimizations.

Berislav Tomasic: Other solutions were lacking in either functionality, stability or offered less appealing pricing options for integrating the virtual ports into the vast variety of our solutions. Virtual Serial Port Driver had us covered on all our requirements.

We have chosen it because the software offered had all the required features and had all the expected implementation requirements in terms of API integration and OEM licensing, which was very important for us since virtual serial port technology is an integral part of our digital transformation solutions.

After using Virtual Serial Port Driver, the company completed its tasks and satisfied its clients. As a result, we believe the company benefited in the area of software integration.

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