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Usage scenario

Electronic Team

Here are some example usage scenarios that demonstrate the benefits of using Electronic Team’s Virtual Serial Port Driver.

There are many reasons that you might want to add virtual serial ports to your computer. Some examples are performing debugging on serial equipment and applications, monitoring serial data traffic and communication systems, reproducing serial port data, and replicating data from GPS equipment. Another instance where virtual serial interfaces can be useful is in creating null-modem connections between computers that are not located in close proximity to each other. The functionality of Virtual Serial Port Software enables remote communication through an IP-based network.

Some uses of virtual serial ports include:

1. Setting up communication through virtual null-modem cables will allow you to test and debug serial programs.

Testing/debugging different applications

These might be an existing terminal application or programs you are developing yourself. Emulating the connection to a data sniffer or other serial program or device can be streamlined by the flexibility of virtual ports which includes the ability to multi-thread data flow. Virtual serial port pairs are an excellent means of testing your application.

2. Developing firmware or device drivers for serial devices requires you to perform testing and debugging that is made easier with virtual serial ports.

Testing/debugging firmware or device drivers

3. Working with two applications that are remotely located with no direct connection is possible.

Testing/debugging two applications that have different address space

4. You can debug and test serial port device emulators like faxes, GOS equipment, and modems.

Testing/debugging serial port device emulators such as modems, fax, GPS etc.

5. Testing applications used for logging, translating, and caching serial network data transmission is facilitated.

Testing/debugging application for interception caching/proxying data sent over network.

VSPD eliminates the need for an expansion slot or second computer to perform the actions described above. With virtual ports, you only need one computer.