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How to split GPS signals for sailing and AUV apps

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Splitting GPS signals into multiple apps on your PC can be tricky. Today we will talk about how Virtual Serial Port Driver helps in sailing thanks to splitting GPS signals.

Split GPS signals into AUV control apps

Here is a use case of Virtual Serial Port Driver from Bath University Racing Submarine Team. These guys were looking for software to help them create virtual serial ports and connect them, and found Virtual Serial Port Driver.

“We used your product to communicate between the commercial software that runs our multibeam sonar, which is designed to receive NMEA GPS & compass data over a serial port and new Labview software the students have developed to control the submarine. Both need to use the same serial port information simultaneously. So your port duplicator allowed the control software to capture the navigation information and feed it right out to the sonar software for display to the pilot during the race.”

Students were able to focus on the mechanics of the submarine and the fluid dynamics around it to develop their control solution, rather than spend hours developing workarounds to deal with the monopolization of the COM port by the sonar software.

Bath University Racing Submarine Team

We are pleased that Virtual Serial Port Driver was part of a cohesive team and helped the Bath University Racing Submarine Team to sail well at submarine races at Vobster Quay Diving Centre.

The team did quite well in the end, despite a series of setbacks that started with US Customs. The Minerva’s top speed of 3.3 kts was good enough for the middle of the twenty-boat pack – official results haven’t been released yet, but somewhere between 8th and 10th overall. Not bad considering the budget differentials – there were some beautiful boats on the race course this year! We can claim to have been the fastest international boat (i.e. non-Canadian/American) and clinched third place in the unofficial women’s division.

The team has collected the Award for Best Use of Composites!

All in all, a result we can be happy with. The important bit is that the students now have a real appreciation for systems engineering, and what’s involved in bringing a stack of ideas from concept to finish line.

We want to thank members of the Bath University Racing Submarine Team for their interest in Virtual Serial Port Driver and for the possibility of participating (even not being there personally) in submarine races – this was a new and interesting experience for us.

GPS splitting for sailing apps

That wasn’t the first time when Virtual Serial Port Driver helped with sailing issues and GPS navigation issues. Hendrick Onnes, who sailed over the world two times on his yacht used the software for splitting signals from GPS and navigation instruments. Here is what he says:

“On my yacht, we do the navigation on a PC which is connected to a GPS and other navigation instruments. The data from the navigation instruments needs to be shared with several applications running on my PC. Using Virtual Serial Port Driver software I can split COM-Port into several virtual COM-Ports. From these virtual COM-Ports, the individual navigation programs can retrieve their information. I am super happy!”

When you need GPS splitter software, you can rely on Virtual Serial Port Driver. We are delighted to have such clients, and our software is a helpful tool.

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