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GPS splitters: an alternative to GPSGate Splitter Software

Olga Weis Olga Weis

It is unlikely to find someone who knows nothing about GPS receivers and how to use them. And yet not all know how to make the best use of their gadgets.

The thing is, when you attach a GPS receiver to your PC’s serial port, you can’t get it to communicate with more than one application at a time. Well, actually you can provided that you have a dedicated app to do so. GpsGate Splitter seems to be the most popular solution, but are there any other options? Let’s see if we can find a worthy GPSGate alternative.

What exactly does the GPS Gate do?

The key feature of GPSGate software is GPS signal splitting between multiple virtual ports so it can be simultaneously received by as many applications as you need. Simply put, GPSGate assigns a virtual serial port to each of your apps so they all at once can get data from a physical serial port.

So, the advantage of using GpsGate is far beyond doubt. But is there any other software solution that can boast similar goodies?

Using GPS Splitter as an alternative to GPSGate

By far, the best alternative to GpsGate is GPS Splitter. Technically this utility brings together the useful features of three Electronic Team’s software applications — COM Port Redirector, Serial Splitter, and Shared Serial Ports. It provides you with lots of opportunities that stretch beyond sharing a single port so that multiple applications can access it in parallel. With GPS Splitter you can also create port bundles of any complexity, set up the port’s parameters (virtual or physical — same difference), and a host of other things.

GPS Splitter

GPS Splitter’s key plus points

✅ Splitting a hardware port into a host of virtual ports

Normally, before you can connect to your GPS receiver from some app, you have to take care that no other application is communicating with it at that particular moment. GPS Splitter relieves you from this trouble once and for all. Using this app, you can share your GPS receiver with as many applications as you need.

Let’s say, you’ve got a GPS device and two apps that you need to access it from. And one of the two ports you have is infrared (therefore, not applicable). It's really no trouble at all, provided that you have GPS Splitter. Just plug your GPS device into the free port and use GPS Splitter to create a virtual port for each of your two apps, so they can coincidently access the device.

✅ Advanced port control

With GPS Splitter you can create, disable or delete ports anywhen at your own discretion. Complete control at your fingertips!

It also has flexible settings, so you can precisely configure both physical and virtual COM ports to comply with every specific GPS application’s requirements.

✅ Interportal data redirection

Using GPS Splitter, you can get two devices to interact with one another redirecting data between the ports. On top of it, the application’s advanced setting system allows you to customize the software functionality to fit your exact needs.

✅ Creating GPS receiver port bundles

GPS Splitter enables you to join up your virtual ports, so they form complex bundles. That way, you can get your port to send a split data flow to several ports, or combine multiple data flows into a single stream.

This option will stand you in good stead if you need your GPS emulator to work with two apps at the same time. It’s a two-directional type of data traffic flow, whereby both applications can read split data from a virtual port at the OUT end of the bundle, and vice-versa.

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