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Virtual Serial Port Tips & Tricks

Discover the best COM port communication software, including guides on virtual serial ports, splitting, sniffing, and sharing options.

Virtual Serial Port Driver

The Best 7 Virtual COM Port Apps for Windows

The Best 7 Virtual COM Port Apps for Windows

The list of best apps to create virtual serial ports. Learn about software features and choose it for your needs.
GPS Splitter Software

GPS Splitter Software

Learn about GPS Splitter software and its common usage scenarios. Split COM port data easily!
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AVR circuit to PC via COM port

Learn how to communicate between AVR and PC thanks to a virtual serial port. Guide for technicians about creating your own COM port program on PC.

COM port issues on Windows 10

Issues and fixes for COM port users on Windows 10. Two easy ways to solve the problems appearing with serial port.

Proteus Virtual Serial Port

Learn how to add Proteus Virtual Serial Ports easily. The comprehensive guide for tech specialists.

6 ways to add COM ports on the computer

How to add a COM port on your PC? We collected 6 main ways to get the task done.

Create serial communication between PC and Android device

Tutorial about creating a serial communication between an Android device emulator and a Windows PC. With Virtual Serial Port Driver the task is made easy.

Null-modem emulator: What’s the Best Solution

Virtual Serial Port Driver use case when you need to create a null-modem connection. An easy yet simple solution to emulate null-modem cable.

Why do you need to avoid Virtual Serial Port Driver crack?

Here you will get the answer on why to avoid cracked versions of the software. Download the latest Virtual Serial Port Driver and get all the privileges of licensed users.

Use Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO to create virtual port pairs

This guide will let you know how to create virtual port pairs with a Virtual Serial Port Driver.

Share a real serial port among several programs

The guide with simple steps will show you the simple way to share your existing serial port among several apps.

List of The Best Serial Port Splitters

TOP list of Serial Port Splitter software and hardware solutions. Compare tools and their characteristics and make the best choice for your needs.

How to split Modbus data over virtual COM ports

Learn how to split Modbus data from virtual serial ports. Virtual Serial Port Driver usage scenario.

Split RS232 Barcode Scanner to several apps at a time

How to split your COM port barcode scanner into several apps at a time? Step-by-step instructions for your needs.

Flight Simulation: Deal with the Shortage of COM ports

Flight simulation with the lack of COM ports - a software solution that will help to create virtual serial ports.

Serial Port Splitter - Ham Radio Transceiver usage scenario

Learn about splitting the one existing serial port of the Ham Radio transceiver among several apps.

Control Ham Radio Transceiver with Serial Splitter

How to control the Ham Radio Transceiver? Learn about Serial Splitter configuration and settings to perform the task.

GPSGate alternative - GPS Splitter

GPSGate and GPS Splitter comparison. Learn about alternative solutions to GPSGate and its benefits.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

The list of Best Serial over Ethernet Solutions

The list of Best Serial over Ethernet Solutions

Learn about software and hardware tools for sharing your COM port over the Network. Compare apps and choose the one that fits you perfectly.
Access COM port in Virtual Machine

Access COM port in Virtual Machine

Learn how to access serial ports in a virtual environment. Work with COM port in Hyper-V, VMware, and VirtualBox.
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Share RS-232 over TCP/IP

Learn about the simplest method of sharing your serial port device. Work with RS232 over IP in a couple of steps.
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Serial Port Monitor

TOP 10 Serial Port Monitor apps and their features you need to know!

TOP 10 Serial Port Monitor apps and their features you need to know!

The list of TOP serial port monitor solutions. Compare the features and benefits this software can bring.
How to monitor serial port activity?

How to monitor serial port activity?

Full tutorial about serial port activity monitoring. Use the Serial Port Monitor from the Electronic Team to complete the task.
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COM Port Error Debugging

Learn how to solve serial connection problems. Troubleshooting guide for technicians.

Serial Port Sniffer: Software and Hardware

The list of best serial sniffer tools. Get information about software and hardware solutions and choose the tool for your needs.

Best Serial Data Logger solutions

The best serial data loggers. What solutions can help in your daily work? Compare hardware and software tools.

Modbus Decoder tips

Learn how to decode Modbus protocol with the simple Modbus sniffer software.

How to test the COM port?

Serial port tester software. Read the tutorial and test your COM port in a couple of steps.

Modbus Scanner - 6 tips

Read these tips to use Modbus Scanner. The guide for tech specialists.

Modbus ASCII tutorial

Learn how to test and convert ASCII protocol.

Advanced Modbus RTU communication guide

Learn about Modbus RTU. Compare RTU and ASCII, and learn how to test Modbus data.

How to check RS-232 communication?

Read about the RS-232 testing solution. Check the RS-232 monitoring and data reproducing guide.

Tutorial on RS485 and MODBUS

Compare Modbus and RS-485 dataflows. Learn about nuances and tips for these protocols.

Serial Port Monitor for macOS

How to sniff COM port activity from macOS? read the tutorial and tool suggestions.

Handy solutions to monitor COM port on Linux

Top tools to monitor serial ports on Linux. Native Linux commands and third-party software.

Termite Terminal Alternative for Windows

Learn more about Termite Terminal alternative - Advanced Serial Port Terminal for Windows.

HyperTerminal Alternative for Windows

Find out about HyperTerminal alternative solution. What are the features of the Advanced Serial Port Terminal?

RealTerm alternative solution

RealTerm versus Serial Port Terminal. The main software features and benefits.

Alternative to PuTTY for Windows

Learn about Advanced Serial Port Terminal for Windows. Pros and Cons of PuTTY Terminal.

Modbus Protocol Software

Learn how to emulate, split, and monitor Modbus data. Read about Modbus-compatible software from Electronic Team.

Modbus Communication and Testing Software

Read the guide about Modbus protocol communication software. Efficient utilities for testing and debugging Modbus data.

Arduino Serial Monitor Implementation

Learn about two ways of implementing serial monitoring for Arduino. The native solution with additional settings and the third-party alternative app.
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RS485 Pinout and Contacts

RS485 Pinout and Contacts

Learn about RS485 pinout. Signal lines and description of the interface - technicians guide.
Serial Communication in Embedded Development

Serial Communication in Embedded Development

Learn about serial port communications in Embedded System development. Create a virtual COM port or sniff its activity with Electronic Team software.
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Reverse engineering software

What is reverse engineering software and what tools can you use? Read serial and USB port dataflow.

Serial Connector Pinouts - RS232 protocol guide

The article describes the RS232 cable pinout and signals. Serial port configuration and definition.

What is a Serial Port?

COM port theory - main definicions and comprehensive guide for users.

RS232 and RS485 comparison

The article will tell you about serial port connections: RS232 and RS485. What are the differences between these protocols?
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